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Hotel Brandenburger Tor Potsdam
Just my way.

"Fit in your room"

work out with our personal trainer Tim Bertko! Simply turn on your TV, press programme button “51”, and your elegant room will transform into a stylish gym. All you need is a towel, chair and the floor.


Well known Berlin personal trainer Tim Bertko will show you a selection of simple exercises to keep you fit and mobile while travelling. Whether it be gentle muscle relaxation or an intensive workout, you determine the extent of your training unit by setting the number of repetitions. Has "Fit in your room" got you interested in doing more exercises with Tim Bertko? No problem. Reception can provide you with his contact details. And away you go!

About Tim Bertko

Tim Bertko is a certified personal trainer with his own studio in Berlin. He works with people looking to improve their personal fitness, do something for their health or build strength and flexibility after a break from exercising.

His professional advice and experience are very much in demand, especially when it comes to functional prevention and adjunctive therapy, as well as rehabilitation. Tim Bertko is a renowned specialist for back problems. His holistic approach combined with training methods tailored to the individual needs of his clients and the therapy-oriented fittings of his studio ensure personal training at the highest level. Tim Bertko is a member of the Premium Personal Trainer Club, and he has a large network. In addition, he is committed to various social projects, such as "Hilfe für Nepal” (help for Nepal) and the "Laughing Hearts” organisation, which supports disadvantaged children in Berlin.

Stand-up paddle boarding

Invented by surf instructors in Hawaii, stand-up paddle boarding, or SUP for short, has now become the number one trending sport in Germany. And it’s no wonder, because it’s a lot of fun for people of all ages. You can get started straight away, and, as an added bonus, paddling is great way to train your muscles and balance. Nature experiences included.


With its many lakes, Potsdam is a haven for SUP. And the Hotel Brandenburger Tor is just a 15-minute walk from Havel Bay. We provide two top-quality stand-up paddle boarding kits exclusively for our guests, packed in a practical backpack. They are, of course, free to hire. Simply contact reception and book your desired time frame. Have fun with your new hobby!


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